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The resilience and impact of Mary McLeod Bethune

Mary McLeod Bethune was a leader born to formerly enslaved parents. Her approach to education illustrated resilience that would influence how other black women would perceive race and gender. Mary McLeod Bethune believed that school was the key to reach racial equality as the country was still opposed to this equality in the early 20th century. Mary McLeod Bethune was resilient as she worked hard to ensure that every single black individual would get an equal opportunity to make it through life. Her resilience is illustrated in that she worked tirelessly to open schools in her early years when she did not have any tangible assets. Crates were used as desks, and even though some parents could not afford the...

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Southern Live Oak Tree…What did you see?

You are the symbol of perseverance, longevity, and strength. Your roots withstood the test of time and your branches are so weary that I will not hold you too much longer. But I must ask you, how did you feel when you watched the enslaver leave his sleeping wife after midnight for a visit to the slave quarters?

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